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Game list (Fibromyalgia)

Welcome to the Quantitative Cognitive Avoidance Testing (QCAT)! The QCAT includes five games: “Pop a balloon”, “Stay safe”, “Hit the target”, “Pain monitoring”, and “Stock market task”. The games are designed to work on phones and tablet. Each game lasts about 10 minutes. In each game, you will be asked to enter your participant ID, date of birth, and the date of attendance. Then you will enter the game.

Have fun playing!

Pop a balloon

Pop a balloon to win coins, but beware of the pirates stealing your coins! This game evaluates how you make decisions about uncertain rewards and losses (10 mins).

Stay Safe

You are driving and need to learn strange road signs to protect yourself from falling rocks. This game tests how the brain learns about safety and danger (10 mins)

Hit the target

Tap the area at the intersection between circles to win points (10 mins).

Pain Monitoring

Please rate how much pain you feel in real time and then make your prediction about your pain the same time tomorrow (10 mins)

Stock Market Task

Please assume a role of stockbrokers and engaged in forecasting the fluctuations of a company’s share price over a couple of days. You shares stood at 100 pounds prior to the first day. You need to predict the value of your shares for that specific day and evaluate your confidence in their predictions.