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The Quantitative Cognitive Avoidance Testing (QCAT) includes three games: “Pop a balloon”, “Stay safe” and “Hit the target”. Here you can learn more about the scientific background of these games and their objectives. The games are designed to work on any device, including phones. Each game lasts about 10 minutes.

Learn more about the science motivating the games, or download the open-source analyses pipelines from GitHub.

Have fun playing!

Pop a balloon

Pop a balloon to win coins, but beware of the pirates stealing your coins! This game evaluates how you make decisions about uncertain rewards and losses (10 mins, if asked for an ID, please type “1”).

Stay safe

You are driving and need to learn strange road signs to protect yourself from falling rocks. This game tests how the brain learns about safety and danger (10 mins, if asked for an ID, please type “1”).

Hit the target

Tap the area at the intersection between circles to win points (10 mins, if asked for an ID, please type “1”).

Pain Monitoring

Please rate how much pain you feel in real time and then make your prediction about your pain the same time tomorrow.